about us – c3foam
Mr. Jackson


​​C3 Foam and Precast Inc. is a company that, since 2003, offers many services to the modern builder, as the manufacturing of custom Architectural Foam and Precast. We design and produce a vast variety of shapes and decorations that bring out the best of both the exterior and interior of commercial and residential properties and their surroundings as well.

Furthermore, we work with our customers to bring them the best of services without having to subcontract similar trades, such as, taking care of the whole exterior finish of a home. The fabrication of our products is achieved by using accurate foam cutting machines to make precise shape cuts using your desired specifications. A hard-coat of your liking (Polyurethane, Base Coat with Mesh, Concrete-over-foam, etc) is later applied to your decorative shapes to strengthen and protect the product, followed by your choice of finish coat. Among the finishes you can choose from are sand, fine sand, limestone, coral, and a variety of knockdowns. Custom colors are also available.

 As custom fabricators, our products are infinite so feel free to bring us any idea you have to make it into a reality. We at C3 Foam are at your disposition.